Front Office
Hello from the front office...

We do check ID's -- If you are coming to pick up your child at school, please make sure you are prepared to present your identification!


We are not allowed to take any transportation
changes over the phone.  Any changes made
must also be made by the student's parent/legal
guardian.  Please come by or fax the information
(including signature) if you need to make any changes.                                 

                                                                                            BUS INFORMATION
                                                                                We are not allowed to let other students
                                                                                 ride home on the busses with other

           JOIN US FOR LUNCH
Anyone listed on the student's emergency
pick up list is allowed to join them for
lunch!  YUMMY!!!!

                                                                 6TH GRADERS
                                  Please make sure your immunizations are current.
                            Additional shots were needed prior to entering sixth grade.   

                                                                              Medications should not be transported by
                                                                              students.  We also must have a medicine
                                                                              form on file in the office in order to 
                                                                              dispense medications.