Golden Apple Award

This award is chosen by fellow teachers recognizing high standards of professionalism, leadership and innovation in teaching among their peers.  

The teacher demonstrates the following characteristics:
  • Creates a love of learning in students of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • Stimulates thought and provokes student dialogue.
  • Challenges students to reach high standards and expectations.
  • Understands the needs of students individually and collectively, and meets those needs with determination, enthusiasm and imagination.
  • Helps foster a positive climate for the entire school.
2017-2018 Recipients:
August - Jenny Scoggins
September - Tara Ware
October - 
November - Jody Quarles
December - Sam Couch
February - Stephen Price
April - Kaycie Nix
May - Dunny Blankenship

2016-2017 Recipients:
August - Shelly Callier
September - Jenny Scoggins
October - Wendy Hall
November - Julie Lively
December - Courtney Twilley
January - Harriet Gable
February - Joy Adcock
March - Robby Dooley
April - Lee Jones
May - Alisha Holtzendorf

2015-2016 Recipients: 
August- Brandi Crider
September- Kay White
October- Kristi Sutton
November- Alice Stephens
December- Alisha Holtzendorf
January- Lee Jones
February- Kathy Beall
March-Debbie Powers
April - Tony Hays
May - Julie Lively