Student Safety Procedures


In an effort to promote the SAFETY of our STUDENTS, below are the we have for visitors/guests.

  • ALL visitors MUST check in at the front office window upon entering the building. Visitors include but are not limited to the following:

    • All parents/guardians/family members

    • All Floyd County personnel

    • All family members of Model Middle School Staff

  • If you are NOT checking out a student, you MUST sign in and wear a visitor’s sticker while on the MMS campus.

  • If you ARE checking out your student, you will need to sign your child out and have a seat in the lobby and wait for your child to arrive. Parents/Guardians/Family members are NOT allowed to walk through the school.

  • WE WILL ASK FOR YOUR ID!!!  Please be prepared to show your ID and please make sure that any individual that is on your child’s pick up list (card) is also prepared to show ID.

  • If you are bringing something to the school for your child, check in at the front window and we will hold it in the office and get it to the student at an appropriate time. We will always try to protect our student’s instructional time so we will not call them out of class unless it is an emergency.  

  • We do NOT take any transportation changes over the phone. It is very important that your child is still protected as they leave our campus. If you need to make a change during the day, please fax us a note with a signature (706-802-6775) or come by the office with your ID. We do this because there is no way to verify over the phone who we are speaking with to make sure it is a parent/guardian.

  • If you pick your child up as a car rider, please make sure you are in the car rider line and DO NOT pull into the teacher parking lot. We will not release your child to you if you are in the parking area.

  • When you pick up or drop off your child in the car rider line, please pull all the way up to the sign to allow the maximum amount of students to unload/load.

  • Please remind your child that if they bring their cell phone or electronic device to school, the phone and/or device should be turned off and put up (out of sight). Instead of texting or calling you from their phones, your child needs to use the office phone so we will have a record of who called and why they called.

  • Parents please understand that we are not allowed to release information over the phone regarding your student.

  • Our busses are overcrowded and we have been instructed not to give bus passes to students to ride a bus other than the one that takes them to their house. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Student going home with another student

    • Student going to another person’s home